reset beaglebone

Is there any way to reset the board?
That is, when I insert a SD I want to press the button user. Right now, when I insert an SD, the board boots from the micro SD without pressing the button. I want to reverse this.


What ever causes this (changed) behaviour can be found on your on-board eMMC. There something seems to have changed with the bootloader which now lets the BBB boot from external SD card first.

May be you installed Ubuntu? AFAIK this modifies bootloader in this way.

Thank you very much for your answer.
i flashed eMMc with Debian image.
Is there any way to change the boot loader to boot from eMMc instead of the SD?

Depending on your firmware version, there is a script for updating the boot loader:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/

Anyway, consider if such update could be risky.

What risks are there?
if I run this script, then will I be able to boot from SD by pressing the button and boot from eMMc without pressing the button?


Umm, that was terrible advice. DO NOT run that script, UNLESS you know
what your doing, or if a developer recommends you to.. (Which I'm

Back to the issue. It's only booting the "microSD" due to the presence
of a "uEnv.txt" so, remove that file from the microSD and it'll always
boot from the eMMC.


OK, it is not that dangerous. Assumed you completely damage your eMMC bootloder/root filesystem you still can boot from SD-card and restore the eMMC contents. So keep on trying, there you can’t do any irreversible things!