Resetting Beagle Board to manufacture settings

I have been looking around for directions on resetting the nand and
getting the beagleboard to boot like it did when it came out of the
box. I have a Reversion c4 and wondering if anyone could help. Ive
tryed and have gotten very frustrated at trying to get it to work so
please explain everything that you did.


This is what we do:

  1. Make sure you format the card as described. Do not use Windows ever or Linux unleess you have done it before. You need to use this HP format tool to be safe.
  2. Format the card as FAT or FAT16. Do not format it as FAT32. Some cards just don’t work for some reason at FAT32.
  3. Copy the MLO file first
  4. Copy the Uboot file second
  5. Copy the rest of the files in any order.
  6. Make sure you copy the reset.scr and rename it boot.scr
  7. Make sure you rename the other files as indicated.
  8. Insert the SD card into the connector.
  9. Hold the user button down. The press and release the Reset Button. Then release the user button

If you can’t make this work go here:

and purchase the card from the factory. Make sure you ask for the Rev C4 version.


Thank you for the help i have tryed this method but it never gets to boot the image. I just get a repeating X loader statement. so would the SD card from the listed website below fix the nand to the original settings?



Are you sure it has adequate power? It's just that is exactly what
happens if it doesn't.

Try a different USB port (differnet computer?) and make sure nothing
is plugged into the output port, etc.


Ok it would seem that's what it would be doing but if I hold down the user buttion it would try and load but then still reset what would you suggest to use for a power supply I was running this off my laptop

Well try a powered hub, or another anything with a usb port ... at
least it will eliminate that possibility.

e.g. for me, 1 PC usually works, but sometimes doesn't. A new powered
hub always works. An old lcd monitor with hub always works. My 3
different laptops always work. A PS3 (original) doesn't work.

I had no trouble setting up an SD card to boot (C3 board) from
gnu/linux, but you have to follow the directions precisely such as
setting the drive geometry, copying the files in the right order, etc.
Even a dodgey SD card will usually get to loading u-boot.bin if not
much further. The directions I found using google ... often on the
archives of this list.

If you get a repeating Xloader printout, then you may have power issues and it is rebooting or you did not correctly rename the UBoot file as instructed… The files I pointed you to are the ones that are used in the factory to test the boards and are the ones left on the NAND (XLoader and Uboot) when it ships.


Thank you for the help how would I troubleshoot an issue with the power?

Connect it to a power source that will deliver at least 1 AMP at 5V. If you boot form the SD card successfully and it is stable, then you most likely do not have a power issue. If you are powering form a USB port, it may not be able to deliver the 500mA that it is supposed to, so you could try a USB port on another PC.


Thank you for all your help Gerald ive tryed your most recent suggestion and it still has a repeating Xloader printout and is connected to a hub able to power 5 V at 3.8 Amps. I have ordered 2 sd cards and told them i want the ones for Rev C4. should i just wait till i get those to see if they work. or is there somthing else i could try till i recive them. what would cause a repeating print out of Xloader?

A repeating Xloader could mean that it is running from NAND and cannot find Uboot and then resets and tries it again. If it can find the SD card, it should bypass this. Maybe you should just send it in for an RMA and have them ship the cards to you when the board ships back to you.