Resistive touchscreen with random events

With latest batch of LCD4 modules (4DCape-43T) we have noticed an issue with intermittent click events which is obviously playing havoc as it is generating user events.

Until now we have had absolutely no issue and have only started seeing this now. We are running debian on beaglebone black rev C using 3.8.13-bone68,

Upgrading to 4.x is not an option as well as moving higher than build bone68 is not an option due to changes in how LCD and Audio setup is done which causes conflicts.

I have seen some (not much) talk on tweaking and re-compiling touch screen device drivers which I am not keen to do if I don’t have to. I have messed round with settings in /etc/ts.conf to no avail so may need to dig in deeper and look at recompiling touchscreen driver.

I am assuming the driver is ti-tsc and would very much appreciate hearing from anyone if they have had this issue and/or have compiled the touchscreen device driver successfully on debian 3.8.13.


LCDs have been sent under RMA to manufacturer who are investigating the issue.