Resolving the problems while using the LCD7 and Audio-cape with BBB


it is said, thar the LCD7 board works with the BBB and that the Audio
Cape works with the BBB -- as long as eMMc and HDMI are disabled.

But all goes worse if all three are put together.

With the 3.2.x kernel I could find, what the kernel thinks, what
pins are in use and for what...

But the new gpio design of the 3.8.x kernel generation ... HELP! :wink:

Where in the /sys- & /proc-tree is the treasure hidden, which tells
me the story of all used pins as seen by the kernel.

I want to find this [CENSORED] collision, which makes this combo

Where do I have to look?

Thank you very much in advance for any help in advance!
Best regards,