Retrieving Lost Information after Down-Scaling Analog Signal to 1.8V

I have an analog signal of 5V. I want to use the ADC of BeagleBone Black to process it, but the ADC inputs can take maximum 1.8V. If I down-scale the signal to 1.8V, then -

  1. Will it cause loss of information?
  2. If I want to minimize the loss of information, how should I down-scale the signal?
  3. Is there any way to retrieve the original signal after processing it with the ADC of BeagleBone

You have a 12bit ADC regardless of input voltage, so your resolution is that.

Obviously after scaling down the input voltage such that 5V gives 1.8V, a 5V signal will give you 4095 on the ADC. Simply multiply up in software by 5/4095 to convert back to 0V-5V.

It will not be precise due to the 12 bit resolution, but it would be no worse than if the ADC had a 5V range.

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