Retrofitting a CNC mill with a BBB

I have a small CNC mill that used to be run from a serial port and some DOS program. From what I’ve read about the program, it was horrible and barely worked, and the company is now out of business. Anyway I want to use machine kit to replace the main board, as all the stepper boards and dc motor controller is still there and I think are fine. I’d like to be able to use it as both a printer and a mill. Is there a way to modify the software to be able to control the spindle? Switch between the two? Thanks for the help

Yes, look up LinuxCNC. The guys there are porting it to work on the Black and making great progress last time I checked.


You can find most of the relevant information by reading and following the links provided at

That’s exactly what I was looking for… is there a setting in machine kit i need to select to use the pins in the schematic?