rev C2 u-boot config ready to go out of the box?

another small point of clarification regarding a new C2 board --
while a number of online newbie docs discuss how to configure some of
your u-boot env variables (such as bootargs and bootcmd), i just
wanted to verify that, based on how you copy your startup files into
your DOS and ext3 partitions, your initial u-boot info is good to go
with no mods.

  specifically, as long as you copy your uImage file and rename it as
"uImage.bin" (since that's the name referred to in "bootcmd" and
"loaduimage"), nothing in your u-boot setup needs to change (at least
booting from MMC). does that sound about right? i'm just trying to
document an initial setup from a very minimalist approach.


I think you are right.