Rev C4 hardware design documents updated

Not all of the docs are out there yet, but I just uploaded 4 of them
to the site[1]:
* PDF schematics
* XLS bill-of-materials
* Allegro design files
* Gerbers


does anybody know how many cameras can we connect to revision 4 for live streaming?And also does it have an camera connector on board.

thanking you in advance please give me an appropriate information it is related to my project.

The spirit of community projects is that the information is provided
to all the public to read. If you find any information you doubt in
the documentation, please inform everyone on the mailing list and
those of us who care about the project will do our best to improve the
completeness and accuracy of the documentation. Your role is make
your best attempt to read the documentation provided, if you can
locate it. In this case, you responded to an e-mail with the URL to
the documentation.

To help you out a bit, the number of USB web cameras that can be
connected would be limited by the bandwidth consumed by the individual
cameras, so there isn't a generic answer.

does the beagleboard revision c4 has camera port on it.

Have you read the manual?

chandra sekhar wrote:

    does the beagleboard revision c4 has camera port on it.


Any timetable for when the orcad schemtic will be posted.



I am not sure. It should already be out there. Let me check and see if I can get them to post it. It is 99.9% the same as C4, so you can take the C3 and make the changes if you are in a hurry.