[RFC][Patch 3/3] U-Boot-V2:Board:OMAP Introduce Beagle

This patch adds support for Beagle Board.
Beagle board from TI is a development platform
based on TI's OMAP3530 silicon.

You can find more about Beagle Board here: www.beagleboard.org

More on OMAP3530 (including documentation can be found here):

Signed-off-by: Raghavendra KH <r-khandenahally@ti.com>


Did we submit this patch set to U-boot list?

Are you waiting on some thing?



FYI, my preference is that we refer to Beagle Board as from BeagleBoard.org as we are wanting to make this even more of a community hardware/software project moving forward. Certainly it is based on TI’s OMAP3530 and you don’t want to miss mentioning that. :slight_smile: