RFM12Piv2 on BBB

Following this thread I learn that there is a module that is capable to receive RF433 frames.
this module is the RFM12PIV2 from EnergyMonitor
So, I bought, receive it

after updated my BBB under Ubuntu (13.10), I recompiled the drivers for this distribution (https://github.com/gkaindl/rfm12b-linux)

According this pinout I connected the module to my BBB

Loading the module with the “ismod” command produces the following lines in dmesg :

[304488.785541] rfm12b: added RFM12(B) transceiver rfm12b.1.1
[304488.787064] rfm12b : driver loaded.

→ everything seems to be okay

in lsmod the module appears as

Module Size Used by
rfm12b 14897 0

a device is now present under /dev : /dev/rfm12b.1.1

And now, I don’t know where to go to get raw frames

any help would be welcome

thank you


tech infos:

uname -a
Linux BeagleBoneBlack 3.8.13-bone32 #1 SMP Fri Dec 13 20:05:25 UTC 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

HI, We have turnkey solution for wireless communication. In this solution few code need to integrate with Beagle Board. It names RF4432.
RF4432 is an alternative for XBEE. It just needs four wire connecting with device when systems integrate. VCC, GND, TXD, RXD. It has much more range compared with XBEE. Anyway it is better than RFM12 and XRF and cost-effective. RF4432 transparent solution is based on Si4432 solution, which is 20dBm output power with line of sight range 1500m in the open. It provide standard UART port, which make it only need 4 wire to connect with Beagle Board. By the contrast , other solution such as RFM12 or XRF need 11 wire to connect with Beagle Board. We also can provide standard RS232 and RS485 port to meet any requirement. It is much convenient for the design. We already have built the checksum in the module like CRC, FEC, Manchester coding to implement the security, which users don’t need to care about that. When RFM12 integrate with ATmega328, engineers need to add 4 feedback capacitance, 1 oscillator and antenna matching solution. What’s RF4432 need? Nothing. We provide standard SMA connector and user just screw up the antenna on the modules. The antenna matching determines the performance of RF solution. Our quotation is including the antenna price. I think it is an economic solution for you.

Pls check this link for its datasheet: http://www.appconwireless.com/upload/file/RF4432.pdf

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