RNDIS connection XP vs Vista

    I have had no trouble getting the usb0 RNDIS connection working
with Windows XP, however it does not seem to work under Vista. Is
there a different linux.inf file that must be used to get this working
properly? I Googled around for more information on RNDIS and didn't
have a good feeling. It seems that RNDIS isn't used very much and
doesn't have very much support, and I am worried that they might not
have put as much effort into it in Vista. Does anyone have any
information that might help me out? How can I get a stable RNDIS
connection with Vista?


To add, I am able to ping the PC but my Beagle DHCP server will not
hand an IP address out to a Vista machine.


Hi Bob,

I like to seek your help rather than helping you on vista :slight_smile:

I’m struggling with RNDIS with Xp, and it is great to know that you get it work.
Can you share which kernel version you’re using? and can you give me a copy of your omap3_beagle_defconfig?
In addition, have you done any trick to get it work?


  • Thomas