RNDIS gadget 'spam' in kernel log

I did some digging in the code and it appears that the USB gadget driver is being compiled with debugging messages turned on. The RNDIS driver is included along with other driver code in a single kernel module called g_multi.ko.

I tried making some modifications to make that verbosity configurable via a module parameter so that the debugging could remain turned on (since I have no clue why it's on). I was able to successfully build it but I have not had a chance to test it yet.

If it works I can post the patch but I'm not sure this is something that would gain much traction since I imagine there are better ways of doing this. I'm no C programmer!

Sorry, I meant to and simply forgot.

I tried several different Angstrom image releases and observed the same behavior. The only one I haven't tried is the 06.06 release.

I also was using the OE bitbake environment to build a new kernel/module. I decided to do that since I want to give angstrom a chance and I'm intrigued by being able to build a completely custom distro. There's a lot to learn in that env however and I am not able to dedicate a ton of time to figuring it out so my progress is slow. But it will be beneficial in the long run.

I also tried one of RCN's wheezy flasher images. I haven't checked back recently to see, but I believe it was the first one he released. I saw the same behavior but I am I but puzzled because I thought I found the kernel .config file and it looked like USB gadget debugging was disabled.

Since I didn't plan to try and build a Debian image any time soon I didn't dig into Robert's kernel build setup to see what was really happening.