rob nelson kernel 3.9.4-x2 on beagle-xm C with fdt


After some time I tried again fdt on a beagle-xm board on a 3.9 kernel, but it still crashes.

What you see here [1] is what I did.

The kernel is patched with Rob’s patches (3.9.4-x2).

I did a configuration change to build the network driver not as a module, but statically linked with the kernel, since I want to access a rootfs over nfs.
If I don’t use the flat device tree it boots.

Please advise!




So, kinda seems obvious... Don't boot with device tree with my
patchset...:wink: or disable the omap video stuff.. Myself, i'm trying to
transition to device tree for the beagle/panda in v3.10.x, but i might
delay again for v3.11. (video issues)..