root autologin on ubuntu?

thu wrote:

I have BB C4 running Lucid r3.
How do I make ttyS2 autologin as root on startup? I don't have LCD, so
it has to be done from terminal. People on Ubuntu forum wouldn't say
anything about root autologin.

You may need something on
You can edit the script files in the folder /etc/init/. If you want
the console to autologin, you may need to creat a new program file
'getty' which support autologin. What you need is to modify(may a
little hard) the code of getty to allow it to autologin.
When you finished this, you need edit ttyS0.conf(not exactly, I did
not have beagleboard or Ubuntu...).

All done, 'getty' will autologin with the name and password you
specified in the source code.

I have a devkit8000 board, which runs 2.6.29 and has angstrom. I
downloaded 'busybox' to compile a modified getty, and it runs well
now. I only filled the user name "root"....
Sorry that I lost the the source code, you can find the information on