Rotary encoder with BeagleBoard xM

Hi Folks,

I am going to use Linux standard rotary encoder driver in our project.
The idea is to connect wheel encoder to the GPIOs available on BB xM.
As it is mentioned in the following document: , it
is necessary that IRQs must be able to fire on both edges.

So the question is whether there are such GPIOs on BB xM and whether
there are some additional magic :slight_smile: need to be done to enable such

Thank you,

Did you ever get the linux kernel rotary driver working on the Beaglebone? Iā€™m intending to do the same thing and would appreciate any tips you can offer.


Not yet, but will try to do it during next couple of days or at least
at the weekend. Will also appreciate any relevant information in case
you will progress quicker then I do :slight_smile: