rowboar-android SDIO wifi Marvell 8686

I am trying to interface a marvell 8686 based SDIO wifi card to
beagleboard running rowboat-android using MMC2 on the zippy I/O board.
I would like some pointers on how to enable the MMC2 and then what
changes are to be done to make the wifi work. I saw some support for
the marvell SDIO 8686 card in the kernel 2.6.29-rc3. i would prefer to
make changed in the kernel rather then u-boot as i compiled uboot from
different sources including the beagleboard u-boot git but none of
them worked. I got the error 'source' not found when i tried to boot
from the u-boot i compiled. I dont have a sd8686.bin.. do i need this
file?? is so then from where can i get it.