RS485 using logic supply serial cape


I’m trying to talk to a device using rs485.

I got Logic Supply Serial Capes: bor beaglebone black.

Before I’m trying to talk to the actual device, I’m trying to make 2 boards with cape to talk to each other.

Since couldn’t find anything recent on the topic I’m following this somewhat old howto:

the board runs latest and python hello-world project (beaglebone-ff3af2 4.4.9+ kernel) as firmware.

I’ve connected A to A, and B to B of 2 boards (see attachment). And the jumpers are setup as in the howto abobe.

From what I understand I should be able to have those 2 boards talk.

One thing that might be very relevant: It looks like the serial device is no longer /dev/ttyO4, but /dev/ttyS4.

As you could probably guess I couldn’t make those 2 boards talk. I’m doing a “” on one of them in a loop, and a “ser.write(‘some string’)” in the other, but I don’t get anything.


What am I doing wrong :wink:

Thanks, in advance,


Hmm. just figured out I forgot to include the attachment (thought its not that much of information worthy anyway).

here we go…