RTL-SDR: What frontend?


what frontend (beside gnuradio itsself) is recommended for software defined radio reception and
experimenting based on the rtl2830 chip with the beaglebone black?

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If you try searching this list, I believe you will find a project where the
person used an rtl-sdr and a 7" touch screen with the BBB to build a
spectrum alanyzer.

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yes, I know. As you wrote it is a spectrum analyzer.
"Software radio reception" is about radio reception.

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William Pretty Security <bill.pretty@xplornet.com> [13-09-13 17:00]:

If you go to:-


you will find all the low level drivers. You might also try sdr-j.tk who
have a spectrum analyser, an fm receiver, and a DAB receiver.

sdr-j uses the osmocom driver, as I believe does gnuradio.