RTL8188EU Drivers

Hello everyone.
I was buy nano-usb wifi adapter TL-WN725N v2 with RTL8188EU chip.
I was find driver sources with patch for 3.8+ kernels, build and install it to my BBB, wlan0 is up, but when I plug off Ethernet cable from BBB WiFi dissapear.
Try to reboot BBB without Ethernet cable and WiFi didn’t work.
I look to my router logs and BBB don’t try even to connect. When I plugin ethernet cable to BBB WiFI is come up.

What is wrong?

I had installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my BeagleBone Black with Linux Kernel 3.8.13.



Thanks, Gerald for you answer, but with Edimax EW-7811UN same problem… WiFi is up only if Ethernet cable plugged in BBB.

Can you tell me where do you find the drivers?

Thank you

Did you try the link I sent you?


Sorry Gerald, which link? :frowning:

Excuse me, it’s a busy time…


Thank you Gerald, but at that page nothing about RTL8188EU. I understand it is not supported, but I want to try with driver discovered by Vitaly Dutchak, if he can post link

OK. I would then send him a direct email.


Giovanni - you may try this: https://github.com/cmicali/rtl8192cu_beaglebone - i am using it with the 8188cu, i think eu may work also?