Run mode debug on beagleboard using Flyswatter2 & JTAG

Has anybody successfully done any run-mode debug on the beagleboard using just the JTAG interface and the flyswatter2 hardware? Let me clarify (to the best of my knowledge). Using this setup (JTAG to flyswatter, USB to workstation running eclipse) I’ve been able to debug unhosted (no OS on the target BB) apps. Now, I need to debug apps that are running under Linux on the BB target. My understanding is one way to do this uses GDB server running on the target and communicating with GDB on the workstation via Ethernet, bypassing JTAG entirely. The downside of this method is that you cannot obtain any information regarding the state of the kernel on the target as it never stops running. There are commercial products that allow run mode debugging while gaining access to the target Linux state utilizing the DCC (debug communication channel) built in to the ARM architecture. This, however, requires a piece of software running on the workstation to decode the DCC messages. Lauterbach calls it “Trace32”, Arium calls it “SourcePoint”, etc. Is there an open source facsimile? Am I understanding this correctly? Thx!