Running a BBB from batteries


I received my 32 channels servo cape PCB (from SeeedStudio), and started to make some tests with my little hexapod.

Now comes the problem of powering up the BBB. My first idea was to use 2 Ni-Mh batteries: a big one for the servos, and a smaller one for the BBB.

I then found this very interesting topic: BBB - Rechargeable on-board battery system. So, I plan to do this: connect a tiny LiPo battery to the PMIC, and connect the big battery (6V Ni-Mh) to both servos supply and to the BBB (through a 5V regulator, which I can put on the cape).

My next Hexapod will use TowerPro MG996R servos, which are much biger than the 9g of the prototype. When moving, the voltage of the battery can fall, and may not be enough to power the BBB. So, the tiny LiPo will take over, and continue to power the BBB.

But this may happen very often, while the hexapod walk; so the BBB may quickly switches from on battery to the other. Is it a problem?

Thanks for any suggestion.


No idea?

Also, is the LiPo battery still charging while the BBB is off (after a