Running Android "Rowboat" on BeagleBoard + Zippy2 for eth0

I'm trying to configure the Android "Rowboat" kernel to work with my
Zippy2 board and use the standard Ethernet port. I've had Angstrom
running on this exact same hardware using eth0 just fine. I've enabled
a bunch of new CONFIG kernel parameters (for KS8551, SPI, etc.) trying
to match the config for Angstrom without just adding all the stuff
that seems unrelated; plus added the boot line parameters
"buddy=zippy2" and "ip=on". Console boot log indicates that the KS8551
driver is trying to initialize but "ks8551 spi4.0: failed to read
device ID". Source suggests it can't see the chip on the SPI bus. If I
hadn't had Angstrom working, I would think it was a HW issue; I just
now tried Angstrom again and it worked fine. Final result is there's
no "eth0" device. Any ideas? Thanks for any insights! -- Chip