Running Beaglebone / Beagleboard continuously for a very long time?

After having now some experience with a BeagleBone I plan to use it for a project where it will run continuously and unattended. I saw there are some problems with SD cards which fail so I will try not to write too much and too to often to the persistent file system.

As BeagleBoard was released 2008 I hope there already some experiences with long running applications. Did these projects succeed or are there general issues with running applications for months / years? Are there general guidelines what to to do / avoid when writing long running apps? Maybe use a special brand of SD card etc.?


There shouldn't be any issues running for long durations with any
Beagle so long as you're running at a supported clock frequency (ie:
don't overclock).

Regarding SD cards, they all stink. Some happen to stink less than
others. Kingston isn't the paragon of high quality SD cards, but they
are often chosen for business reasons (cost, availability, etc).
SanDisk and Samsung generally have high quality SD cards, especially if
you buy their higher end cards (albeit for about double the price of a
low end Kingston card). I'm sure there are other SD card manufacturers
out there that are as good or better than SanDisk and Samsung, I simply
mention those two as I've had good results (very high disk activity
[syslog with no rate limit logging >1 event per millisecond] for an
embedded system with no issues yet) and according to flashbench results
the internal controller in SanDisk Ultra Mobile or Samsung Plus series
work fairly well with ext4/btrfs (ie: can have multiple erase blocks
open with decent throughput).