Running C/C++ applications using OpenCV in Eclipse


I am trying to stream video from Axis IP camera using BBB. I have installed Eclipse IDE (luna) and i can remotely program BBB. Now i just downloaded opencv and extracted all files. I need to include this into eclipse ide. when i wrote a sample program and tried to run that one. But i failed and an error is coming like “the program is not specified”. i have included header files and libraries. anyone can tell me the correct procedure for integrating opencv with Eclipse for bbb.

thanks in advance.

the way I do it is more primitive:

  1. do the opencv application on desktop PC
  2. move the source code into BBB and compile it natively on BBB

good luck,

I am using Eclipse in Windows pc. Is it possible to cross compile opencv programs in windows eclipse?
How code moved to the BBB? Using USB or through ssh?

My guess is that there are precompiled libraries, so if you cross compile on PC the library code is for x86 - it will not work on ARM. You can build opencv libraries on PC for ARM and then it will work (cross compilation), but that can be a bit tricky to install, although not necessary. You need to build opencv from sources using cross compiler on PC.
Remember as well that the speed of execution is different on PC platform and BBB platform.
Again, I do editing and building and testing on the desktop PC and then transfer (SSH) sources to BBB to build them there.
You can use whatever works better for you.

There are gcc binaries for Windows at minimum from linaro. I’ve used them, they work fine.