Running Glade on BB


I am very new to working this closely with Linux, so I apologize in
advance for my ignorance.

PLEASE correct me if I am using the wrong language at any point! : )

I currently have Angstrom running on my BB. I got the files from

I am trying to run Glade on my board.

I am still sort of trying to sort out what all of the different
toolkits and desktop environments and window managers and
distributions do and how they interact, so here are a few questions:

1. With this angstrom distribution, which comes with Enlightenment as
the windows manager and desktop environment (I think), do I also have
GNOME? If I do, is it just not being used? I am pretty certain that
Enlightenment is being used as the desktop environment.

2. From my understanding, Glade uses the gtk+ toolkit. It also seems
like glade is a GNOME application, but do you need GNOME to run glade,
or do you just need to have the appropriate gtk+ packages installed?

3. From my beagleboard I installed the following packages to try to
get glade running:
opkg install gtk+
opkg install gtk+-dev
opkg install libglade-2.0-dev

In order to run glade on my BB, is it just a matter of installing the
correct packages?
If this is the case, how do I know that I have all the right packages?
And how do I run it once I have all of the packages?

4. On the glade site, there are .tar files that I can download, but I
couldn’t figure out where on my board I should untar it to?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!