Running GUI apps in a non-desktop debian BBB

Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding the console version of debian for the BBB.
To keep my performance high i have disabled the desktop and am running only the terminal like in a console version of linux.
my question is: can i run IDE’s like eclipse or monodevelop with the their GUI in this current situation?

i have tried to install them and then type “monodevelop” or “eclipse” in the command line and nothing happened.

Any one knows how to do this? (if possible)

My goal is to write multiple file projects in C++ and i want the comfort of the GUI of the IDE.


how do you use a GUI program without the GUI. I dont get it.

Have a look @
"X11 Forwarding using SSH"
If you installed eclipse via apt and have X11 forwarding enabled in
/etc/ssh/sshd_config "X11Forwarding yes" the you simply have to add an
-X to your ssh-Session
On my Linux Laptop:

ssh dw@myBBB -X
apt install geany
geany &

And geany pops up on your screen;) (dont forget the ampersand,
otherwise you ssh connection is locked;) You have to install your
Program with apt because u need a minimal installation of X11 on your

IMHO this works as well with putty on Windows;)


So, I’ve got an idea. Let’s take a single core processor system with only 512M of ram, and try to make things worse by running an app, and other software that will make the system crawl.

There are better ways to approach this problem without the need to bog the system down with needless “bloatware”.

a) You could setup a cross-compile system, which admittedly can be overly complex to setup.


b) You could set up a Samba share from the beaglebone, then make that share available to your PC. This will allow you to create, and edit source files on your PC, as if that share were a local(to your PC ) drive. Which means, that you could use any editor in Windows to write source code, which is saved to the beaglebone, when files are saved.

There are a few caveats to b above. First, if you are running Windows, you’ll need an editor that will allow you to set file encoding( I use UTF-8), and an editor that will also allow you to set the files line endings. These need to be set to UNIX style line endings, in your editors preferences section. In addition to the above, you’ll need to learn how to compile projects from the command line, which most of the time is not that difficult. Perhaps you could even setup plink( one of puTTY’s companion tools), and your editor to compile for you. But that requires more setup, and you would have to understand how to use gcc / g++ from the command line already / anyway . . .

Simple concept… ssh -X Running eclipse on the BBB would be painful IMHO. Setup a shared area via nfs, samba, etc. and run your IDE locally. Eclipse and be setup to handle this (through FUSE I believe) but it’s a somewhat lengthy process. Google it, examples are out there, perhaps a bit dated. Mike

For more information on how to setup eclipse on a windows computer and cross-compile for the Beaglebone, check out this link

Hi Dror!