Running python GUI script through ssh from remote computer or on startup

I have been trying to run a python GUI program on the beaglebone black through SSH. It is connected to the BBVIEW and the GUI runs if I diirectly open the command window in beaglebone using a keyboard and mouse connected to the beaglebone. I have tried to add “python” in uEnv.txt for startup but it still doesn’t seem to startup on reboot. When i try to run it on ssh with BBVIEW connected but not connected to the keyboard or mouse it gives an xDISPLAY error. I am new to this forum so any feedback on the the post is welcome :slight_smile:

you seem new to linux as well

you cannot start your python program in the uEnv.txt file as when your
trying to run it there the X system is not running.
When your trying to run it via SSH are you sure that the X system is up
and running ?

read this. some ways to check if X is running before you start your program

ssh -X hostname Mike