Running Python on PC to simulate Beaglebone Python

I have installed the Eclipse PyDev environment. Most but not all python code works both on the PC when I hit run or when I copy the file to the Beaglebone and hit run. But anything using Beaglebone specific libraries like ADAFRUIT_BBIO does no run on the PC and gives me errors. I have tried to install ADAFRUIT on my PC but it will not install. Here is my question:

Is it possible to use the PC to run/simulate Beaglebone specific Python or do I always have to copy over and then run to know if the program is going to work? If its possible how do I get the libraries installed on the PC so I can run the programs to verify functionality BEFORE I download, and run on the beaglebone?

Anything that accesses specific hardware at a low level on the BBB via Python(like mmapping registers) would require the script to run on a BBB or some kind of Virtual Machine that emulates the BBB. If you're accessing hardware via the the filesystem, then I suppose you can use a VM with some version of Linux targetted for an embedded system since the hardware is abstracted away behind the filesystem interface.

The easiest way to develop I've found is to map the BBB on your host computer. That way, there is no need to manually copy and upload your program with each modification. It's all automatic. A search of the group might show a few threads about this.

Use one of the many remote python libraries. Rpyc could do it. Have the code accessible from a shared drive, use module reload, and run the functions and play with the objects as if they were local.