Running python script from local machine on ssh connected BBB


I’m pretty new to the BBB and I’m trying to automate the following process (in Windows 7):

  • The user plugs a BBB into his computer via USB
  • The user opens a GUI on his computer that allows them to set parameters for, let’s say cycling a GPIO pin on and off (on time, off time, number of cycles)
  • He clicks an Execute button, which connects to the BBB via SSH and executes a python script with the parameters set in the GUI.

I have a script on the BBB that does what I need. I have a batch file that can establish an SSH connection through Putty and run a command file that executes the script that’s located on the BBB. I have a GUI that can execute a batch file. What I can’t quite figure out is how to make the variable parameters set in the GUI to modify the script that controls the BBB.

Here is my batch file:

start putty.exe root@ -m commands.txt

Here is my commands.txt file:

cd /home/debian/Desktop python

I’m definitely not tied to this type of solution. In fact, if I could establish an SSH connection and keep it open, then execute commands on the fly instead of executing a prewritten script, I’d prefer the flexibility. This is just the best thing I was able to get in a few days of playing around with it.

Thanks in advance for any help.