Running without X11

Currently I have the Angstrom demo installed and I'm building a
logging application that will not be plugged into a monitor, so X11
and a window manager is really optional. How can I:

1) Stop the system from automatically launching into e17
2) Have it start running a program after the system has finished

Would it make sense for me to use the BusyBox filesystem instead of
the Angstrom demo?

The application I'm building, in case you're interested, is a photo
logging system for a backpacking trip I'm taking up Mount Shasta in
May. I'll connect a webcam and GPS unit to it through USB and it'll
take a snapshot every 2 minutes and tag them with coordinates and the


bitbake bootstrap-image
bitbake console-image

are without X,
then you have to add what you need,

I copy console-image to <my_target_name>-image and then add stuff like
OpenSSH or dropbear.

...can be really tiny.

- dan

Cool, I installed the console-image and now I need it to automatically
login after boot and run a program but there doesn't seem to be
mingetty or an rc.local file. How should I do this? Thanks.

Actually I'm an idiot, I downloaded mingetty, compiled it on the
Beagle Board and it works perfectly!

For those interested:

1) Download mingetty to your Beagle Board from
2) Extract the tar file and in the console "cd" into the new mingetty
3) To install run:
      make install
4) Edit /etc/inittab
5) Comment out this line by putting a '#' in front of it:
      1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
6) Add this line and replace "YOUR_USERNAME" with the user you want to
automatically login:
      1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty --autologin YOUR_USERNAME tty1
7) Save the file and reboot.

Hi, excuse me, I'm new here...I wanted to know how you got your
beagleb to run without x?? If you have any useful link ...

where can I get the console image?? and the bootstrap???