s-video and resolution


I successfully switched to the s-video output on my beagleboard, with the following boot agrs (in uEnv.txt):

omapfb.mode=tv:pal omapdss.def_disp=tv

The problem is the actual screen contents is cropped, like it’s bigger than my screen. The monitor is an HDready, with a native resolution of 1440x900.
No matter the ratio settings on the monitor, the bb output is always cropped. This happens even during boot so I guess it’s related to boot args rather than Angrstrom settings.

I tried to change the omapfb.mode like this:


but the output is exactly the same.
I there a way to change the aspect ratio or the “virtual” resolution when using s-video?


I apologize again to bring up also this thread - does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Well, considering PAL is 720x576 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL)

If you want 1440x900 use the DVI connector..


I’m sorry, perhaps I can’t explain well.
I don’t want 1440x900 and I know PAL is 720x756.

1440x900 is the native resolution of my monitor/tv.
When I use the s-video output (even without any resolution specified, just tv:pal) I get the image cropped, since early stages of boot.
It’s not related to the “aspect ratio” of the monitor because changing it leads to transform the same content - the cropped area doesn’t change.

I’m afraid there is something different in deep in the s-video output, due that I have also problems with video drivers when use s-video.