S-Video in Angstrom

Hi all,

I'm trying to get s-video working between the Beagle (Angstrom) and a
myvu display. I'm following [1].

"Clone GFX overlay to LCD and TV

Which kernel are you using? The interface to control video has changed
(or maybe 'evolved') in newer kernels using Tomi's code. I wrote up
some of my findings here:
You might check and see if that works with your system.


I'm using the kernel that came with the ESC2009 demo. uname -a gives:

Linux beagleboard 2.6.28-omap1 #2 Thu Mar 5 08:55:58 CST 2009 armv71
unknown unknown GNU/Linux

Unfortunately I won't get to touch my beagleboard again until next
week :frowning: I will surely look at your suggestions then, thanks.

- Dan

Hi Brett,

I looked at your suggestion page. It makes no note of S-Video.
Unfortunately I don't know how to apply this to S-Video, it's beyond
my current knowledge.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

- Dan