s-video on linux-2.6.27-omap beagle kernel git tree

hi ,

how to enable s-video interface and test s-video in linux-2.6.27-omap beagle kernel taken from git tree (porting of android to beagle).


Which git tree? The Android git tree and then you added the Beagle support? Can you add DSS2 as well and use that for S-Video support?


I did the following steps to build the uImage from git tree.

    $git clone git://[source.mvista.com/git/linux-omap-2.6-historic.git](http://source.mvista.com/git/linux-omap-2.6-historic.git)

    $cd linux-omap-2.6
    $git remote add labs.embinux git://[labs.embinux.org/linux-omap-2.6](http://labs.embinux.org/linux-omap-2.6)
    $git remote update

    $git checkout -b beagle.android-2.6.27 labs.embinux/android-2.6.27

how to get DSS support, any git tree available to download.
how to use DSS for enabling S-video support.

also, in linux-2.6.22 rev-b kernel in http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleSourceCode , the omap24xxlib and omapxxtvout is there. but this not found in linux-2.6.27 android git.

because these enables video pipeline on display controller.

is any idea, when this will be applied to git tree.