S-Video with omapzoom patch on l-o

I tried the omapzoom patch for the new DSS from [1] with git-kernel from
Mans Rullgard [2] using tag 'beagle-9'. After adding defines for
beagleboard in omap-venc and omap-dss it works pretty good. Since the
patch does not contain a fb-driver only the two V4L videolayers can be
used (/dev/video1 & /dev/video2). Overlay and resizing works pretty fine
using the V4L API.

The reason why I used [2] with tag beagle-9 is a working USB OTG as host
which I need for my eth. The DSS patch applied to the current l-o works
as well but unfortunately not the USB OTG as host.

The S-Video quality is rather poor. Does one of the AV-experts know if
that is a hardware issue and how it can be fixed?


[1] https://omapzoom.org/gf/project/omapkernel/docman/?subdir=10
[2] git://git.mansr.com/linux-omap

I'm not an expert, but people have reported tremendous differences depending on the cables used. I'm not sure if that indicates a particularly strong impedance dependancy, but you might check your cable quality.