Same Issue as Last Year w/ Configfs-Gadget

Hello…I have a BBB attached to the computer (host). It seems when I try to find errors via the dmesg command, I am swarmed by this idea in the logs:

[ 719.392844] configfs-gadget gadget: Wrong NDP SIGN

I have searched this error before and it led me down a wild goose chase.

Anyway, Feb. in 2022 I saw something similar. Does anyone have remarks to be made on this issue?


P.S. I mean…should I write my own or are there the usual files that I can use and/or alter to make it so I am not having a write error(s)?

$ pstree

then to see all the active processes

$ ps -e

Don’t have a clue what that dmesg is about, just look for clues from the active process.

If that does not help, get on the linux debug port.

Use gtkterm so you can talk with the target using the linux debug port and log the boot sequence to a .txt file and look it over. That should point you in the correct direction. Open the .txt log file in a text editor and search for words in that string.

To get your ps string in a file

$ ps -e | tee myprocess.txt

Thank you…