saucy-armhf/v3.12.5-bone10 kernel freezes (USB related?)


I just tried updating to v3.12.5-bone10 (from, but my BBB froze
completely shortly after booting. Unfortunatly, there was absolutely
no output on the serial console, but it's likely related to my
USB-connected DVB-T stick (similar to the USB issues I had with 3.8
kernels). BTW, kernel v3.12.4-bone9 is fine, so not sure what could
have changed between v3.12.4-bone9 and v3.12.5-bone10...

1: Audio upgrade
2: 3.12.5 stable patch
3: cpufreq

It would be awesome if you could test, these 3 git commits in that
repo, to see where the failure came from..



Ok, I have narrowed it down to

I am now running v3.12.5-bone10 with just that one patch reverted and
it appears to work fine...


Well, it's actually really strange. The problem only occurs when using
a kernel with the cpufreq driver and using my DVB-T stick on a USB 2
hub. Connecting the DVB-T stick via a USB 1 hub or removing the
cpufreq-driver patch from the kernel seems to fix it (this is actually
the same behaviour I had seen with the 3.8 kernels).

Very strange - where is the connection between the cpufreq driver and
a USB connected DVB-T stick?