Scheduling and Other Ideas/Hello


I know people are producing in life. I am not discrediting anyone here. I am trying to get a confirmation on about (about) when the updated kernels will have a ServoCape .dts file available for use.

I know people know me for goofin’ around and playin’ to the point it is annoying. Right? Anyway, I am building a quadruped now.

I was going to use a dang teensy4.1 instead of the BBBW and ServoCape and against my will, i.e. I may add.


P.S. I would rather use the BBBW and ServoCape for show and tell statuses online. Anyway, if you will, please advise me on about when the next rendition of ideas, .dts timelines, will be available.

For some reason, my ServoCape came w/ no input headers. I am going to solder them on myself. I will need them for input. Anyway, that is out of the scope of this idea. I just wanted to get familiar w/ the ServoCape and servo usage a bit better than not. Also…

I understand that GSoC is happening now. I am glad for the students doing well w/ the specifications on the BBB, BBAI, and other boards (along w/ Capes). Anyway, thank you for considering my plea here. Awaiting review.

What’s the issue with it? did you post a merge request?


Hello Sir,

No sir, @RobertCNelson , I made no attempt at a merge request thus far. I am not even sure I should go about planning into this realm of attempts.


P.S. I should try harder. Okay, I understand more now.