Schematic for B7


I've got a beagleboard rev B7 (at least, it has a sticker on it saying
I've got a version of the BBRSM (system ref. manual) which says it's
for B7.2, but the actual circuit diagram images say "B6", and the
picture of the board has different component positions than mine.
I've found a place where various BBRSMs can be downloaded, but not the
one for Rev B7.

I'm trying to get the otg USB to work as host, and want to check the
ID line, which apparently goes to R1 and D2, but I can't see either of
these labelled on the PCB. I don't suppose this will be the most
demanding problem I'm going to come up against, so I'd like to know
I've got correct documentation.

Can anyone shed any light?



The Rev B6 and B7 schematics are the same except that on Rev B7, we switched to the ES3.0 revision of the OMAP3530. Everything else is the same.