Schematic for xM Rev C

Hello, I've got an extremely long question, but the basic thing I'd
like to know is whether the schematic for the xM rev C will be made
available and who is responsible for releasing it.

I'm having a problem with the USB Host power on the rev C which is
provided by the TPS2054B chip. I only have the A3 schematic and it
appears to be connected in an odd way and I would like to know if this
section has been modified in the C version.

Just for background, in the A3 schematic, the OC outputs of the
TPS2054 pins are directly connected to the corresponding enable of the
USB power. The OC outputs are active low (0 when there is an
overcurrent detection) and the enable is also active low, so
essentially if there is an overcurrent condition, the current
configuration will attempt to turn _on_ the USB power which is
probably the inverse of what is desired.

Gerald delivered me the schematic to put up on the website, but it slipped my todo list. As soon as I am at a stable Internet connection without interruptions for 15 minutes, I’ll update the site with the new schematic. You might check until I get the copy on, in case they have it up.