Screen Glitch (Two Mouse Cursors!!!!)

I'm trying to use Qt4 on my Beagleboard. I'm using the beagleboard
demo image and I bitbaked Qt4-Embedded using openembedded. When I run
Qt designer the program opens fine, but two mouse icons appear. One
works for Qt the other is still clicking on the desktop. This causes
much confusion and a very messy screen when the desktop/applications
menu appears over the Qt window. Has anyone encountered this
transparency/screen refresh/ dual cursors problem? Any ideas how to
fix it??




are you starting the Qt apps with -qws? I have seen what you describe
when I use Qt Embedded Linux on top of an X server. For Qt to run on
top of X11 you need a different config. Unfortunately I have no
experience with building that but I assume you just need to get
another Qt package (not embedded). Alternatively you can kill all X
stuff and run Qt standalone. QWS provides a minimum window manager and
you can run multiple (Qt) programs. Not sure if that is what you