screw pin holders


I have a large Bread board and I'd like to temporarily mount my beaglebone to it. I know what I need but I don't know if it exists. I'd like to obtain a few mounting pins.. These would have pins that would go into the breadboard but have a plastic snap in adapter that would go in the mounting screw holes..

Anyone know where I can get something like this?

Are you talking about the connectors or the mounting posts?


Mounting posts that I can stick into a breadboard…

Are you planning to connect to the connectors? It is important, because the length of the pins you use to connect to will determine the liength of the posts. Other than that, any 4-40 screw and associated mounting post will work.


I want to use the screw post holes to “mount” the beagle bone to a section of my breadboard… These “connections” won’t be actually connected to anything… only used to keep the beagle bone stable on the breadboard while prototyping. (I have a large Breadboard)

So the top of the “adapter” will connect to the screw post hole, and the bottom will have a pin that will plug into the bread board. Ideally the pin would have NO connectivity to anything on the beaglebone itself…

Hi Charlie,
Are you talking about a standoff like this:

Mark On 12/5/11 10:01 AM, Charlie Fullerton wrote:


Kind of… however, on the bottom would be a normal pin for a breadboard…

You will probably have to make that if you want it.

You could drill out one end of a plastic standoff, then glue in a
connector pin with solder tail that is much larger than the pin --
solder tail O.D. can be 1.5 to 3mm. That's junk I have laying around.

Or if you have a teeny drill, just use a piece of paper clip.

Or heat the paper clip, push into plastic, let freeze, clip off to a good length.