SD access


does anybody know if the linux kernel (or Angstrom distribution)
performs constant write access to the SD cards while idling or any
time there is a request on the kernel (for whatever reason)?

in others words, is there any worry to see the SD being prematurely
damaged from too many write cycles ?



If the SD card is used as the filesystem, then as the filesystem is updated, much like a disk drive, then writes do occur. But, the Linux SW runs from the SDRAM, so there are no constant writes to the SD card under normal operation.


The Linux kernel doesn't necessarily perform steady writes to the SD
card, but may perform writes based on your configuration and
applications that you run. If you use the LED to indicate SD writes,
that should give you a pretty good idea how frequently and under what
conditions they occur. There are several Linux utilities you could
use to monitor the SD card activities. Here's a link where you can
learn about a few:

I got some sd problem with an APACER SD 4 GB. After a board reboot it
always got a system error.

I solved using a new SANDISK SD 2GB. Now I works fine...