SD card boot



  1. BeagleBoardX15 (from

  2. Code Compose Studio 9.0.1

  3. processor_sdk_rtos_am57xx_6_00_00_07

  4. pdk_am57xx_1_0_15

  5. JTAG emulator XDS200 Spectrum Digital

  6. Windows 7

I have builded loader SBL (from

#### Creating a CCS Project for SBL on AM572x GP EVM - Texas Instruments


Builded multicore example from X:\ti\pdk_am57xx_1_0_15\packages\ti\boot\sbl\example\

How to boot multicore example from SD card without JTAG emulator and with separate SBL project ?


TI will provide a loader that initializes Chip and ram and loads the SBL as long as your company is buying lots of chips otherwise you have to write it.
Your initial bootloader would use the settings from gel file to program Chip and load SBL which loads then loads RTOS. Typically this also can come from a RTOS venders we had one for Green Hills RTOS but it’s not Free. Any competent BSP programmer can do this looking at examples and understanding boot sequence look at other architecture I thought omap 138 had an example. Your big problem is going to be getting the RTOS properly loaded and stored properly somewhere we booted from flash

Your bootloader also needs to be in the location the pins on board use for default loading and in a format that is recognized by the internal Rom bootloader requires. Have you searched the E2E forum


What is your mean " as your company is buying lots of chips "? How much is this? 5 or more?

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