SD card image for xM rev C (& Ethernet issue)


I am having the same problem with a Beagleboard XM Rev C: no USB and
no ethernet.

Original micro SD card that came with the BB works ok. This image also
worked OK:

It was linked to in the following thread:

But, I can't build any other kernel that has USB and ethernet
enabled. I have tried narcissus and this did not enable USB or
I also built a kernel locally using bitbake, this did not solve the

With my locally built kernel dmesg reports that the board is OMAP3
Beagle Rev: xM C. LED D14 on the board is lit, schematic shows that
this indicates power is being supplied to the SMSC LAN9514 chip.

SMSC95xx driver appears to be installed.

I suspect that the working kernels have a patch installed that we
don't have access to. Can anyone confirm this?

Jeff - you can find the original image for the BB XM rev C at:



Jeff - original software is available at:

Koen - I have the same problem, no USB or ethernet on a new BB XM rev C. Rebuild using narcissus does not fix the problem. Did a local build using bitbake and this also did not fix the problem. LED D14 is lit, suggesting power to the USB hardware and the SMSC95xx driver appears to be installed.

Original micro sd card that came with the board works fine. This software also worked ok:

This was linked to from:

Problem is that I can’t successfully rebuild a fully working kernel. I would like to rebuild it so I can add support for the composite video input board from leopard imaging.

Thanks Koen, Allen, RobotDude for your reply.

I managed to reconstruct from a friend's xM-C image
and at least Ethernet is up.

I also built an image from
and tar it to 2nd partition on SD (an attempt to play around
and Ethernet is up (but minicom interface is flaky)