SDHC card does not show up

I cannot get a micro SD chip to show up when I plug it in the BBB slot - I have tried several sizes and vendors.
This is a brand new BeagleBone, it boots OK (I’m posting this from it) as long as I don’t plug in a SD chip.
I’ve burned several software images to several chips, plugged them in, and powered up (wall wart) while holding the BOOT button. Only the power light comes on.
If I attempt to power the board with any chip plugged in, the first 3 user lights come on and the board hangs.
Plugging the chip in afterwards does not affect anything, but the device does not show up either.
Any ideas?

I have an idea. Go to the support Wiki


A little strange but I’m in business - pulled the board out and re-installed it in the BBB enclosure, now the slot works and I have updated correctly.
Thanks for listening :slight_smile: