SDK on angstrom

As I understood from pages in this group , for compiling C projects and using gcc or g++ I have two options :

  1. I can download a SDK and compile my code in my laptop and just transfer the executable file to beagleboard or
  2. Install a native SDK and compile my C codes in beagle board and don’t use my laptop for compiling .

I did the first option and it was ok , but for the second one I don’t know how can I compile my codes in beagle board itself .
my board is not connected to internet (because the Lan to ethernet device which I use need to be compiled in beagleboard first to recognize the device , so
I can not download any package form internet )

What should I do now ? did I understand the SDK definition corrrectly ?!

Dear rahim panahi,

I don’t know the answer of your question, but i have doubt will you please explain me how you did your first option
i.e. downloding sdk and compiling on laptop. i am trying to compile on my laptop for the first time a c source code
which is live555 media server. I have ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop and i have ported ubuntu and android on
thanks in advance
sachin kharude