SDL2 with opengles 2.0 sgx530 on BBB


in the last days I have tried to port the SDL2 2.0.5 to BBB/BBBW using the opengles 2.0 in framebuffer mode,
seems that works at all.

the code is a little wired at now, but if anyone is interested update me that I could clean up the code a push a fork/repo for the BBB community on github,


I forgot to mention few things:
at now I have tested the SDL with a 1280x720 16bpp/50hz hdmi display, and works fine. The board is BBBW.
I am using the 4.4.x with omaplfb module, and the libraries EGL/GLES2 from the sdk.

If I have time in the next week I should try with different resolution and color settings.

Running the tests in the test/ directory I got some numbers for the fps that are interesting for the BBB,
for example: testgles2 150/160fps , testsprite2 more 100fps, this without vsync,

Using the sdl_gl_setswapinterval(1) and the the vsync seems working and I get 50 fps.

Hello Pier,

Did you already push a fork on github for SDL2 with framebuffer support for Beaglebone black.??

If yes, it is possible to have the link.!

I thank you so much for this mod to SDL2 for BBB…!!!

I wish you a great day

Best regards


Hi Pier,
I am very interested in your work on SLD2 with opengl es on BBB, I am trying to use kivy on bbb and it requires SDL2.
Let me know is you still want to share your code…


Hi Pier,

I too would be very interested in trying you port. Please let us know if you could push the form to Github.