I am looking for the driver for LAN9221 that is connect to gpmc. The primary lan with lan9514 works well.

Yes I have done it with marvell alaska 88E1310 + 8710A on my custom board. works perfectly.

also Starter Kit has dual LAN too.


Feel free to ask about hw/sw tricks to connect lan9221 to omap3 with gpmc. I use this combination for years

Thank you is the same configuration.

What driver do you use for LAN9221? can you give me some advice?




SW: lan9221 is supported in both u-boot and Linux kernel (QNX as well) mainline. The driver name is smsc911x: /linux/drivers/net/smsc911x.c

HW: the schematic is attached

lan9221_osc - frequency source is an oscillator 25MHz
lan9221_quartz - frequency source is a ceramic quartz 25MHz

SMSC wants some tricky quartz working in fundamental mode that is hard to find in industrial temperature so I made a second design with an oscillator since they do not provide any strict requirements for an oscillator and you can use almost any.

LAN_INTR0 and ETH_NRESET - connect to any free GPIO at a CPU

VIO_1V8 - actually it can be any voltage specified in the LAN9221 datasheet. You can use it with 1.8V and 3.3V processors.

any questions - please ask

lan9221_osc.pdf (35.1 KB)

lan9221_quartz.pdf (16 KB)

Only two words… THANK YOU!

I checked your schematics and is the same of my pcb.

I will download the new sdk from ti, recompiling the kernell but the LAN92221 don’t work (lan9514 and other devices works well)

Did you set some parameters int he uEnv.txt or in other files?

Thank you in advance