Secret sauce for RNDIS on Beaglebone? How to get reliable RNDIS connection on Windows 10


I am looking for getting a reliable RNDIS connection of a i.MX6-based board on Windows 10. Being a long-time extensive Beaglebone user, I know my Beaglebones reliably show up with a RNDIS device on my Windows 10 for quite a while.

I have found and implemented the hints as described on and but had no luck so far. I was not yet able to locate where the “gadget-schema” gets created for the Beaglebone, and since “gadget-export” (a neat tool - see was not yet compiled in I was not able to exactly replicate on the i.MX6. I will check the actual config using it, but I already did browsing manually through the “configfs” entries and in fact did not even find evidence Beaglebone is using the “os_desc”.

Can somebody shed some light on the matter?