Seeed BeagleBone Green Wireless 1.0 doesn't accept custom cape-bbb.dtbo file that works fine on version v1.1

Dear community members,

I have a large serie of Seeed BeagleBone Green wireless v1.1 devices which use a custom cape-bbb.dtbo file to drive a custom made PCB, purpose is to use the BBGW with a maximum of inputs and outputs.

This works fine on the v1.1: we can flash the eMMC with a SD card, access the board and it works instantly.

Strangly, this doesn’t work on the v1.0:
Flashing with the SD card boots the BBGW but the WiFi and SSH service aren’t available so I cannot access the BBGW to check out what’s going on. Something during boot is going wrong.

When configuring the BBGW from cratch (not using the SD card), everything runs fine until we add in the uEnv.txt file the custom cape-bbb.dtbo path: Upon boot, the BBGW freezes immediately.
Doing the same on a v1.1 works fine.

I made sure that when manually configuring the BBGW we have the same Debian 10 Buster OS, the latest kernel and the identical Node-Red version (since there were changes to the Node-Red in the Debian 11 OS version we’re not using this version).

There has to be a difference between the BBGW v1.0 and v1.1 but I haven’t found out what.
I can find descriptions of version issues of other users on the community forum and the web but nothing that is linked to a custom dtbo file.

Taking a rough decision and sending the BBGW v1.0 back to the supplier will probably be useless since the version number is only printed on the BeagleBone PCB and not on the packaging. I doubt they wil open and check every box.
Furthermore, this same supplier provided one year ago the v1.1 and now an older batch of v1.0 dated 09/07/2022.

I hope someone can provide a hint in which direction to search so the problem can be solved and the solution shared with the community.

Thanks in advance for everyone who can provide a hint, help and hopefully a solution!